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Deep Learning Research Could Lead to New Dinosaur Discoveries

By applying new technology to the study of ancient history, researchers hope to improve their understanding of dinosaurs through the use of a new artificial intelligence system. The work, published in Frontiers in Earth Science, scans and evaluates dinosaur fossils using high-resolution Computed Tomography (CT) imaging paired with deep learning models. The discovery is a …

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DevOps Interview Questions & Answers

What are the most widely used DevOps tools? The most popular DevOps tools include: Selenium Puppet Chef Git Jenkins Ansible Docker Which phases of DevOps are there? The following are the stages of the DevOps lifecycle: Plan – A plan for the type of application that needs to be developed should be created first. It’s …

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Front End Developer Interview Questions & Answers

The creation of web pages and user interfaces for web applications falls under the purview of frontend development. In other words, frontend developers are responsible for everything you see when you launch a website, online application, or mobile app on your computer or mobile device. Today, frontend developers are in high demand. Many organizations are …

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NVIDIA A100 MIG Cheat Sheat

MIG is only compatible with Linux distributions that support CUDA 11/R450 or higher. It’s also a good idea to use the NVIDIA Datacenter Linux driver version 450.80.02 or higher. MIG is not supported on any Windows Pro or Server OS. The new Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) functionality allows NVIDIA Ampere-based GPUs (such as the NVIDIA A100) …

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a100 gpu namd simulation

NAMD v3 and NVIDIA A100 GPUs can deliver up to 9X the throughput

NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA grew substantially in performance and capabilities during the early stages of CUDA support in NAMD. One of the first CUDA-accelerated applications was NAMD, a widely used parallel molecular dynamics simulation engine. For more details, read Using Graphics Processors to Accelerate Molecular Modeling Applications and Adapting a Message-Driven Parallel Application to GPU-Accelerated …

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minimal cell cutaway

Simulation of a living cell by RTX A5000 A100 GPUs

Every live cell is a bustling microcosm with thousands of components that are responsible for energy production, protein synthesis, gene transcription, and other functions. Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created a completely dynamic model that mimics the activity of a living cell by simulating these physical and chemical features at the …

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nvidia 3090 ti

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti price specs performance

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early January, Nvidia unveiled its RTX 3090 Ti, which features faster memory and improved performance. Nvidia has remained silent on price and a release date for the RTX 3090 Ti despite first promising more information by the end of January. This time, the corporation is refusing to reveal …

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rtx a6000

nvidia-smi Cheat Sheet

NVIDIA’s Tesla, Quadro, GRID, and GeForce devices from the Fermi and higher architecture families are all monitored and managed using nvidia-smi (also known as NVSMI). Most features are supported for GeForce Titan series devices, with very little information available for the rest of the Geforce line. NVSMI is a cross-platform program that works with all …

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Nvidia CUDA

How to install NVIDIA Tesla drivers on Linux

This section includes instructions for installing the NVIDIA driver on CentOS 8 using the package manager. Install additional dependencies that are required for installing the NVIDIA drivers. # dnf install -y tar bzip2 make automake gcc gcc-c++ pciutils elfutils-libelf-devel libglvnd-devel Enable the PowerTools repo and set up the external dependency on EPEL for DKMS. #dnf …

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Nginx: Resolver does not refresh after DNS update

Use a variable for the domain name; this way allows you to customize how frequently NGINX recursively resolves the domain name. resolver valid=20s; server {location / {set $backend_servers backend.seimaxim.com;proxy_pass http://$backend_servers:8080;}} When a variable is used in the proxy_pass directive to define the domain name, NGINX reresolves the domain name when the TTL expires. To …

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