About Us

SeiMaxim Technology is a global web hosting provider. Our corporate headquarter is in The Netherlands. Take advantage of SeiMaxim security, transparency, and the most compliance coverage of any cloud provider.


Our goal is to provide our customers the most stable and secure computing infrastructure to meet their increasing computational demands without sacrificing their valuable time.

We strive to enable our customers to focus on their project and leave the setup, execution and maintenance of software and hardware resources for us to manage.

We believe investing in research and development to compete in the future. We are ready to solve your toughest problems.

Our every employ is dedicated to give you deep technical support whenever required by going beyond our SLA agreements. Detect and mitigate threats with a central view of all your SeiMaxim resources .

Future Ambitions

Since our inception, we have grown into a leading provider of dedicated servers, VPS, Dedicated web hosting, domains and SSL certificates. We have always strived to exceed expectations.

Growing from a start-up to a global player is just the beginning. We have the drive, experience and ambition to go faster and further, without forgetting the importance of trust and reliability. We are proud of who we are and excited about the future.

Located in the beautiful Almere city.

Cissy Van Marxveldtstraat, Almere,
Flevoland, 1321JS, The Netherlands.

Telephone: +31.636.400.893
Fax: +31.636.400.893
Web: www.seimaxim.com