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Distributed Training on Multiple GPUs

Distributed Training Gpu

AI models trained at scale by data scientists or machine learning enthusiasts will inevitably reach a limit. As dataset sizes grow, processing times can increase from minutes to hours to days to weeks. Data scientists use distributed training for machine learning models and multiple GPU to speed up the development of complete AI models in …

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Top 10 Deep Learning Frameworks

Deep Learning Frameworks

Deep learning is an area of AI and machine learning that uses unclassified data to classify images, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and other complex tasks. A neural network is called “deep” if it has at least three layers (one hidden layer). The network does deep learning on many hidden layers of computation. Whether …

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HPC Application Performance of NVIDIA Data Center GPUs

seimaxim datacenters

Some of the world’s most pressing scientific and engineering problems can only be solved using modern HPC data centers. Breakthrough performance can be achieved with dramatically fewer servers, less power consumption, and reduced network overhead, resulting in a total cost savings of 5X to 10X with NVIDIA A100, V100 and T4 GPUs. The node replacement …

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What are the most common domain extensions?


Following the global lockdown imposed by COVID-19, websites have become even more critical for businesses and independent contractors. People are now more likely to visit a website than a physical location. Choosing the right domain name for your business, personal blog, or portfolio website is more important than ever. A few things need to be …

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What Is HPC (High Performance Computing)?


A single computer can’t handle some of the most complex and time-consuming tasks, like DNA sequencing or seismic analysis. It is possible to create an IT environment specifically designed for these computationally intensive workloads, paving the way for the level of data analysis we have never had before. This article provides an introduction to high-performance …

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How to speed up WordPress website?

wordpress speed

Even though your WordPress website looks great and is sure to impress your visitors, there’s one problem — it’s taking too long to load. Is it worth the wait for your visitors to see what you’ve worked so hard on? It’s unlikely. Because WordPress can be sped up, you can get those pages in front …

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How to reset GPU’S ON DGX-1 Servers?

NVIDIA provides a tool called nvidia-smi to monitor and manage the system’s GPUs. GPUs can be reset individually or collectively with this tool. Individual GPUs on the DGX-1 and DGX-1V platforms cannot be reset because they are linked via nvlink, so all of the GPUs must be reset at the same time. Errors that occur …

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How to Reset a Graphics Card?

NVIDIA RTX A6000 Graphics Card 48GB GDDR6 GA102 GPU

If you’re a gamer, your graphics card is an absolute necessity, but it can also be a major source of frustration. Indeed, if your PC crashes while gaming, there’s a good chance your graphics card is to blame. When something goes wrong with your graphics card, it’s almost always a hardware issue. You don’t have …

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How to set a soft and hard limit for the maximum number of open files for each user in Linux

Follow the steps below to impose a limit on the number of open files for a certain user. Using vi open /etc/security/limits.conf. The syntax in limits.conf is given below. <domain> <type> <item> <value> In the above code, <domain> - may be username/groupname/wildcard('*') <type> - may be hard/soft/'-' hard To enforce strict resource constraints. The superuser …

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Domain Investor Terms


Shorthand and phrases used by domain investors are frequently unfamiliar to the outsider. For example, a domain investor might say, “I hand-regged a bunch of domains because the drop and the aftermarket are too expensive and full of frontrunners. I parked them to earn PPC.” If you thought that was a lot of nonsense, this …

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