Most commonly asked Windows Server Administrator interview questions and their answers

Are you looking for your dream job as a Windows Server Administrator? I have no doubt on your windows server administration skills but most of the times people with good experience and a high skill also fails to pass the interview for Windows Server Administrator because of the kind of windows server interview questions asked [...]

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Server panics with NULL pointer dereference during boot phase in selinux_task_to_inode in CentOS 8

The following steps will cause CentOS Linux 8 server panics during booting. Edit /etc/selinux/config Modify SELINUX from the default enforcing to disabled Reboot OS without kernel parameter "selinux=0" Following panic info will come To resolve this error, update kernel to kernel-4.18.0-180.el8 or above Use this workaround: append selinux=0 in kernel [...]

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macOS Catalina errors: how to fix the most common issues

Welcome to our guide on how to fix macOS Catalina problems. From installation issues to hardware and software that doesn’t work as it should, we have a range of fixes that should address many of the macOS 10.15 Catalina problems people are encountering.But what happens if you encounter a macOS Catalina problem that we haven’t covered? [...]

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Migrate virtual machines from Proxmox to kvm/rhev.

In order to migrate, treat PROXOMOX VM as physical machine and do P2V conversion. i.e. the same way we’d convert a physical host. Obtain a P2V iso image, connect it to the guest to be converted in PROXOMOX, and boot the guest under PROXOMOX using the P2V image. The P2V image runs the P2V client. [...]

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Change a red hat enterprise virtualization (rhev) virtual machine’s mac address?

Log in to the RHEV-M Admin Portal. Power off the virtual machine (VM). Select the Network Interface sub-tab for that VM and click “Edit”. Select “Custom MAC address” and change it to the desired value: Update the networking configuration inside the guest with the new MAC address.

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Who Owns the domain : How-TO

Choosing a domain name is the first step in launching your dream website. However, choosing the perfect domain name can be a lengthy process. You’ve spent time brainstorming domain names, and you’ve finally found the perfect one. You go to register your domain and find that it’s already been registered. This doesn’t have to be [...]

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