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Reinventing E-Commerce

SeiMaxim Retail Solution: Innovative Technology For The Evolving Consumer Requirements

The continuous investment in new technology along with ever-changing market demands means that on-premise hosting can quickly become a major financial bottleneck for most e-commerce companies. Our e-commerce hosting solutions reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure that you always have the latest technology, freeing you to invest in growing your infrastructure.

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How Seimaxim Can Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Successful e-commerce websites require long-term stability, iron-clad security, and extreme speed. SeiMaxim E-commerce products are capable of handling mission-critical e-commerce applications with 99.999% core uptime. We have worked with experts from leading businesses to develop hosting solutions that meet the industry’s specific requirements.



SeiMaxim brings unique systems management capabilities to your IT ecosystem, letting customers manage and monitor their entire infrastructure in a way that eliminates downtime, including planned maintenance. Doing so results in complete solutions that help enterprise customers succeed in mission-critical environments. We offer a range of SLAs to guarantee that your IT infrastructure is up and your apps running at peak performance.



SeiMaxim rack and blade servers are designed to provide exceptional scalability within each server, helping your business quickly and cost-effectively expand database environments or add virtual machines to each physical host. In the past, scaling processor performance frequently meant adding servers. However, you can begin with one socket and then scale up to four sockets to increase app performance or extend a virtualized environment.



A cutting-edge e-commerce app performance requires cutting-edge hardware built and rigorously tested by our on-site technical engineers.  Your customers demand a flawless online shopping experience. Even an extra second of load time due to the slow network can mean the difference between a completed order and an abandoned cart. Our extensive global network ensures your website loads at lightning-fast speeds no matter where your customers are.



SeiMaxim has a global presence and helps you to provide your e-commerce customers with the same online experience regardless of where in the world they are. Our premium global network delivers 99.999% core uptime and 4 Tbps bandwidth to deliver optimal and low-latency performance. By counting on our fully redundant architecture and 10 state-of-the-art data centers, you can trust us to deliver uncompromising redundancy and high availability for your online business.