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Gaming Hosting Solutions

Low-latency, scalability, high-performance as well as lower operational and maintenance costs.

SeiMaxim has 10 regional data centers located in 8 regions worldwide. This helps deploy your games in all major gaming markets.

To keep your gaming players engaged, you need to deliver a high-performance, reliable and secure infrastructure. High-latency will disengage your players, so choosing a solution that combines low-latency and 100% uptime is paramount. To develop an online gaming platform or develop games, you need a highly-available and fast infrastructure that scales with your demands.

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How Seimaxim Can Grow Your Gaming Business

When demand is unpredictable or testing is required for new features, the ability to spin capacity up or down is made easy with SeiMaxim Cloud gaming solutions.



SeiMaxim high-end dedicated game servers give you the extreme power you need to deliver a smooth and continuous online gaming experience. You can choose from the latest Intel Xeon scalable processors and AMD Rome processors to ensure the highest gameplay.



As your gaming platform users are increased, you will need to increase your computing resources. Getting an extra capacity yourself is difficult, but with SeiMaxim scalable dedicated servers, you can get the resources you want without any hassle.



Our gaming solutions are especially suited for game developers, publishers, or game platforms that need specific workloads. We can smoothly integrate dedicated gaming servers, CDN, cloud, and cybersecurity services into a hybrid gaming hosting solution.



DDoS attacks can cause long downtime and interrupt the game continuity that your users expect, and you need to ensure real-time transactions and customer data are managed securely. We provide various cybersecurity products to protect you from DDoS attacks.