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enterprise networking

What is an Enterprise Network?

“Enterprise network” refers to the IT infrastructure that medium and large businesses use to connect users, devices, and applications. The goal is to help businesses achieve their goals by delivering connected digital services reliably and securely to workers, partners, customers, and, in the future, even things. Enterprise networking architecture While an enterprise network must provide …

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h100 pod

H100 Transformer Engine boosts AI training performance

Training the largest AI models can take months on today’s computing platforms. For businesses, that is too slow. The complexity of AI, high-performance computing, and data analytics is increasing, with some models, such as large language models, containing trillions of parameters. The NVIDIA Hopper architecture was designed from the ground up to speed up these …

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nvidia H100

NVIDIA H100: Overview, Specs, & Release Date

The NVIDIA H100 is based on the Hopper architecture and serves as the “new engine of the world’s artificial intelligence infrastructures.” AI applications such as speech, conversation, customer service, and recommenders fundamentally reshape data center design. AI data centers process mountains of continuous data to train and refine AI models. Raw data is ingested, refined, …

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epyc cpu

What is CPU, Cores, MT, vCPU

Even if you don’t know much about computers, you’ve probably heard the term CPU. The Central Processing Unit, or CPU, is an important component of every system, from your home laptop to the servers that host your company’s website. But what is a CPU, and what role does it play in your system’s infrastructure? Are …

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icelake gold

Data Center GPU coupled with Ice Lake Xeon

Machine learning and data analytics are two examples of data-hungry workloads. Enterprises require accelerated servers that are optimized for high performance to handle these compute-intensive tasks. Intel’s new 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (code-named “Ice Lake”) are based on a new architecture that allows for a significant increase in performance and scalability. These new …

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Types of Firewalls

Are you looking for the best way to protect your business from possible threats? When you know how firewalls work, you can figure out which is the best option for you. This article talks about the different types of firewalls, so you can make an informed choice. What is a Firewall? The simplest way to …

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What is Malware?

Malware, which stands for “malicious software,” is computer code that is intended to harm or exploit any programmable device, server, or network. Malware’s malicious intent can take many forms, including denying access, destroying or stealing data, stealing money, hijacking computer resources, spreading false information, spreading malware, and a variety of other harmful actions. Money, spying …

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ubuntu debian

Ubuntu vs Debian

The most advanced open-source operating system for you may be hiding in plain sight. There are a plethora of Linux distributions to select from, so you’ve probably already figured that out. CentOS vs. Ubuntu has already been discussed. Therefore, we’ll now look at the differences between Debian and Ubuntu, both Linux distributions. Ubuntu and Debian …

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How to disable image attachment pages in WordPress

Image attachment pages give an impression of incomplete pages on your site. A visitor can have a poor impression of your site after visiting attachment pages that look like incomplete pages and show up to visitors. This article details the procedure to disable image attachment pages in WordPress and redirect to the parent page. Why …

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Minecraft Server Deployment Guide

You’ve defeated the Ender Dragon, conquered the Nether, and constructed your own pixelated King’s Landing. So, what’s next? Minecraft may be a game of limitless possibilities. Still, once you’ve experienced everything the standard game offers, you might wonder, “How do I replicate the magic I felt on my first play-through?” Building your own Minecraft dedicated …

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Does LSF support A100 GPU

MIG is supported in Nvidia A100 build 600061. Build 600297 is compatible with DCGM 2.1.7 and CUDA 11.2. A100 also necessitates the use of CUDA 11. LSF build 600061 and LSF build 600297 must be installed to take advantage of all the features of A100.

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What Is Infrastructure as Code (IAC)?

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is a technique for defining and provisioning infrastructure through the use of definition files that contain code. IaC enables IT and development teams to automate and scale the provisioning and management of IT resources in a descriptive manner in accordance with application source-code releases. Important Q&A What business challenges drive IaC …

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ai edge

What Is Edge AI and How Does It Work?

Recent advances in AI efficacy, IoT device adoption, and edge computing power have all combined to unlock the power of edge AI. This has opened up previously unimaginable possibilities for edge AI, such as assisting radiologists in identifying pathologies in the hospital, driving cars down the freeway, and pollinating plants. Edge computing, which dates back …

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What is the Metaverse?

What is the metaverse, and how does it work? The metaverse is a collection of interactive, immersive, and collaborative virtual 3D worlds. The metaverse can be conceived of as a collection of universes, similar to how the real universe is made up of worlds that are connected in space. Some components of the concept are …

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