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lvm disk

lvextend –resize do not resize ext4 filesystem

After running ‘lvextend’ with the ‘-r’ option as below. # lvextend -L <size> -r -v /path/of/logical-volume Instead of manually doing’resize2fs’ after performing the above lvextend command, the ext4 filesystem should Auto-resize itself. But instead, tune2fs shows the following output. # tune2fs -l /name/of/logical-volume tune2fs 1.38 (11-Aug-2007) tune2fs: Filesystem has unsupported feature(s) while trying to open …

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apache chroot

How to chroot HTTPD configuration & installation

A chroot HTTPD setup creates a separate disk root directory for the Apache and its child processes, preventing attackers or other php/perl/python scripts from accessing or naming files outside of that directory. For Apache/HTTPD, this is known as a chroot jail. For Apache installation, create a base/root directory of your choice. The Apache chroot installation …

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a100 80gb gpu server

The Best GPU for Deep Learning

Historically, the training phase of the deep learning pipeline has been the most time-consuming. Not only is this a time-consuming process, but it is also an expensive one. The most significant component of a deep learning pipeline is the human component — data scientists frequently wait hours or even days for training to complete, reducing …

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What is e-business: Definition, Components & Features

The term “electronic business” is abbreviated as “e-business.” It refers to using digital information and communication technologies to support or streamline business processes from planning to implementation. However, it can also refer to the operations of online stores and other web-based businesses. The lack of a widely accepted, precise definition of e-business has resulted from …

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nvidia gigabyte geforce rtx 3090 turbo 24gb

Why gaming GPU are not used for HPC?

Does using gaming GPUs for high-performance computing (HPC) make sense? It’s a yes and a no. Although gaming GPUs are significantly less expensive, they still have several drawbacks that make them unsuitable for high-performance computing (HPC) environments. Gamming GPUs come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s easy to see why when you look at …

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artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence uses computers and machines to simulate the human mind’s problem-solving and decision-making abilities. John McCarthy’s concept of artificial intelligence (AI) in a 2004 paper is one of many definitions that have appeared over the past few decades, “It is a branch of engineering and research that deals with the creation of intelligent devices, …

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Nvidia CUDA

What is CUDA Programming: Introduction and Examples

What is CUDA Programming? In order to take advantage of NVIDIA’s parallel computing technologies, you can use CUDA programming. Graphics processing units (GPUs) can benefit from the CUDA platform and application programming interface (API) (GPU). The interface is built on C/C++, but it allows you to integrate other programming languages and frameworks as well. CUDA …

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nvidia a100 80GB gpu

The complete guide to NVIDIA A100

Overview Data center-grade graphics processing units (GPUs) such as the NVIDIA A100 can be used by enterprises to develop large-scale machine learning infrastructures. Based on the Ampere GA100 GPU, it’s a dual-slot 10.5-inch PCI Express Gen4 card. Designed and tuned for deep learning workloads, A100 is the world’s fastest deep learning GPU on the market. …

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