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Free Domain Privacy Protection

 Get free lifetime Whois protection with your domain name. Original Price $9.

Domain name privacy protection prevents exposure of personal information about the domain’s registered owner. It is usually a paid addon for stopping the abuse of email addresses, phone numbers, and publicly available WHOIS data. However, SeiMaxim offers you this addon free of cost for life.

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domain privacy protection

Always stay protected from identity theft and faud. Prevent your mailbox from being hit with spam emails.

WHOIS Protection

whois protection

WHOIS Database

For registering your new domain, you must provide correct contact information for the WHOIS database accessible in the public domain. This is a requirement of ICANN and is vital for domain name registration and proof of ownership.

WHOIS Protection

When you register a new domain with us, all your personal data is saved on our servers. However, if somebody searches the WHOIS database, your personal details will remain hidden.

What is Protected?

domain privacy

Unprotected Domain Details

Your Full Name.

Your Business Name.

Your Phone Number.

Your Email Address.

Your Street Address.

Protection with Domain Privacy

Trusted TLD

Hide all your WHOIS registration data hidden from spammers and hackers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I protect registration information for all domains?

You can get free privacy protection with almost all domains. Due to registry restrictions, ID protection cannot be used with .nu, .nyc, .org.es, .org.au, .org.uk, .paris, .sg, .to, .uk, .ca, .ch, .cn, .co.in, .co.uk, .com.au, .com.es, .com.sg, .de, .es, .eu, .fr, .gg, .id, .in, .is, .li, .me.uk, .net.au, .nl, .nom.es .us, .vote, .voto, domains.

How much does the domain WHOIS protection cost?

The domain WHOIS protection is free of cost. Grab your’s today!

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How to disable the WHOIS privacy service if I need to?

Yes, you can disable the WHOIS privacy protection service in your SeiMaxim Dashboard. In case of any issue, chat online with our sales expert or open a support ticket.

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Domain privacy service is free all domains except nu, .nyc, .org.es, .org.au, .org.uk, .paris, .sg, .to, .uk, .ca, .ch, .cn, .co.in, .co.uk, .com.au, .com.es, .com.sg, .de, .es, .eu, .fr, .gg, .id, .in, .is, .li, .me.uk, .net.au, .nl, .nom.es .us, .vote, .voto, domains.