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How to reset GPU’S ON DGX-1 Servers?

NVIDIA provides a tool called nvidia-smi to monitor and manage the system’s GPUs. GPUs can be reset individually or collectively with this tool. Individual GPUs on the DGX-1 and DGX-1V platforms cannot be reset because they are linked via nvlink, so all of the GPUs must be reset at the same time. Errors that occur …

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NVIDIA RTX A6000 Graphics Card 48GB GDDR6 GA102 GPU

How to Reset a Graphics Card?

If you’re a gamer, your graphics card is an absolute necessity, but it can also be a major source of frustration. Indeed, if your PC crashes while gaming, there’s a good chance your graphics card is to blame. When something goes wrong with your graphics card, it’s almost always a hardware issue. You don’t have …

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nvidia a30


NVIDIA A30 Tensor Core GPUs provide increased performance for every enterprise workload. It enables secure speedups across different workloads, including AI inference at scale and high-performance computing (HPC) applications, thanks to NVIDIA Ampere architecture Tensor Cores and Multi-Instance GPU (MIG). A30 allows an elastic data center and delivers maximum value for organizations by combining rapid …

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Exoplanets GPU

Exoplanets’ Skies: Astronomers Describe the Planets’ Climates

The atmospheres of distant planets have been described in unprecedented depth in a report published today. Scientists investigated 25 exoplanets (planets that orbit stars outside our solar system) in an effort to learn more about the universe. To be more specific, scientists looked at exoplanets with temperatures over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, common on hot Jupiters, …

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nvidia A16 gpu


With the NVIDIA A16, you can take remote work to the next level. It enables virtual desktops and workstations with the power and performance to tackle any project from anywhere when used with NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC) or NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) software. The NVIDIA Ampere architecture, designed specifically for high-density, graphics-rich virtual desktop …

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nvidia A2


The NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU enables low-power, small-footprint inference for NVIDIA AI at the edge. With a low-profile PCIe Gen4 card and a configurable thermal design power (TDP) of 40-60W, the A2 accelerates inference in any server for large-scale deployment. Up to a 20-fold increase in inference performance AI inference is used to improve …

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h100 pod

H100 Transformer Engine boosts AI training performance

Training the largest AI models can take months on today’s computing platforms. For businesses, that is too slow. The complexity of AI, high-performance computing, and data analytics is increasing, with some models, such as large language models, containing trillions of parameters. The NVIDIA Hopper architecture was designed from the ground up to speed up these …

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nvidia H100

NVIDIA H100: Overview, Specs, & Release Date

The NVIDIA H100 is based on the Hopper architecture and serves as the “new engine of the world’s artificial intelligence infrastructures.” AI applications such as speech, conversation, customer service, and recommenders fundamentally reshape data center design. AI data centers process mountains of continuous data to train and refine AI models. Raw data is ingested, refined, …

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icelake gold

Data Center GPU coupled with Ice Lake Xeon

Machine learning and data analytics are two examples of data-hungry workloads. Enterprises require accelerated servers that are optimized for high performance to handle these compute-intensive tasks. Intel’s new 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (code-named “Ice Lake”) are based on a new architecture that allows for a significant increase in performance and scalability. These new …

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Does LSF support A100 GPU

MIG is supported in Nvidia A100 build 600061. Build 600297 is compatible with DCGM 2.1.7 and CUDA 11.2. A100 also necessitates the use of CUDA 11. LSF build 600061 and LSF build 600297 must be installed to take advantage of all the features of A100.

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Deep Learning Research Could Lead to New Dinosaur Discoveries

By applying new technology to the study of ancient history, researchers hope to improve their understanding of dinosaurs through the use of a new artificial intelligence system. The work, published in Frontiers in Earth Science, scans and evaluates dinosaur fossils using high-resolution Computed Tomography (CT) imaging paired with deep learning models. The discovery is a …

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