How do I set the default IPv6 policy routing route in NetworkManager?

I have a route configuration file that contains the default route for a routing table similar to this, but it does not apply during boot.

default via 2001::ff table 1
# ip -6 route show table 1
Error: ipv6: FIB table does not exist.
Dump terminated

Using the following syntax, add the route to the NetworkManager connection properties.

nmcli con mod bond0 ipv6.routes "::/0 2001::ff table=1"

You will get the following configuration.

# nmcli con show bond0 | grep ipv6.routes
ipv6.routes:                            { ip = ::/0, nh = 2001::ff table=1 }

Or on disk with the following command.

# cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route6-bond0
::/0 via 2001::ff table 1

When a routing table is not populated, the expected result is that the FIB table does not exist.

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