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Why repquota output different size as compared to du?

In CentOS 5, 6, and 7, repquota shows different sizes compared to du output as shown below.

[root@server]# repquota /xyz | awk 'NR == 3 || NR == 4|| /username/'
Block limits File limits
User used soft hard grace used soft hard grace
username -- 100663296 152043520 157286400 2584811 0 0

[root@server]# du -sch /xyz
68157440 abc

The disk space occupied by Quota enabled ‘user’ does not get updated automatically.

To resolve this issue, disable the quote on filesystem as follows.

[root@server]# quotaoff /xyz

scan the filesystem for disk usage and regularly create, check and repair quota files.

[root@server]# quotacheck -vvv /xyz

Despite du displaying real-time space utilization on the filesystem, filesystem quota information is not dynamically updated.

Each filesystem is examined by quotacheck, which then creates a table of current disk usage and compares it to data in the filesystem’s disk quota file.

The quota file and the current system copy of the incorrect quotas are updated if any discrepancies are found.

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