How to configure a bonding device in a Linux server

Multiple bonding modes in a Linux operating system are given below:

  • balance-alb (fault tolerance and load balancing)
  • balance-tlb (fault tolerance and load balancing)
  • active-backup (fault tolerance)
  • broadcast (fault tolerance)
  • balance-rr (fault tolerance and load balancing)
  • 802.3ad (fault tolerance and load balancing)
  • balance-xor (fault tolerance and load balancing)

We will use Network Manager CLI to add a bonding device to a Linux server.

  • Run the nmcli command as root on SHELL nmcli con add type bond ifname mode active-backup
  • Assign IP address with nmcli connection modify ipv4.addresses
  • Make static IP address nmcli connection modify ipv4.method manual
  • Add bond slave to bonding device with nmcli con add type bond-slave ifname master
  • Add the second slave with nmcli con add type bond-slave ifname master
  • check bonding configuration with nmcli connection show
  • Restart server network with systemctl restart network

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