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Best Linux VPS for Website Hosting

SeiMaxim Hosting can meet your Linux VPS Hosting needs, whether you're looking for a fully managed VPS, an unmanaged VPS with cPanel, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, or anything else in between! Your VPS will be hosted on our high-performance platform regardless of your administration needs.

With the emergence of the internet, a new field of cloud emerged a decade ago. Now, you don't need to buy the server hardware, put it into the data-center by yourself, and perform a handful of tasks to keep it running. Now with just a few clicks, you can rent a server, so this advancement has happened. In this article, we will discuss the best virtual private servers.

With all the technical terms and industry jargon, searching for the "best Linux VPS" will probably make things worse for you. In addition, a majority of VPS servers use a Linux operating system.

Did you know? - 96.3% of the top one million web servers run Linux.

Using a Linux system has several benefits, but its main advantage is that it is open-source and free, so hosting companies can provide more flexible pricing. When you have Linux as OS, it also gives you excellent security as compared to windows. So these Linux OS features make Linux VPS an appealing choice for you.

How do you select the best Linux VPS hosting for your website?

It starts with full root access, So finding a VPS with full root access is a brilliant place to start. Once you have full root access from the hosting provider, the hosting provider has provided you with total access to your server and its resources, and he cannot see what's inside your VPS.

High Availability

Your (every) server can have problems because it's running on hardware, and hardware sometimes is unpredictable, like your car phones and other devices got issues from time to time. Hypervisors have many features to deal with high availability issues, and VMware vSphere has HA. vSphere High Availability (HA) delivers uniform, cost-effective failover protection against hardware and operating system outages within your virtualized IT environment. High Availability allows you to reduce application downtime by automatically restarting virtual machines upon detecting an operating system failure. But these feature comes with a tremendous cost. You probably don't need these features. 

What is Linux VPS hosting, Then?

The most well-known open-source software is Linux VPS hosting, or a Virtual Private Server using the Linux operating system. Because users can alter, add, or remove any function based on their requirements, a Linux VPS is incredibly flexible.

Regarding security, functionality, stability, and cost efficiency, a Linux system is preferable to a Windows one. Updates to the software are more rapid and straightforward to implement. Customization is another feature that sets Linux apart from other operating systems.

A Linux VPS is an excellent option for VPS web hosting since it enables the server to reply to each application request. It may support a variety of CMS platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. 

The two most popular Linux-based operating systems are Ubuntu and CentOS.

What are some use cases for Linux VPS?

Whether you host data, run software, or have a website, it is essential to developing your internet business. Linux VPS hosting can be used for file sharing, database hosting, hosted email, web hosting, mail servers, and multiple backups. The most significant advantage of Linux is its extreme adaptability and customizability, which allows you to use countless open-source technologies like PHP, MySQL, and Apache.

The flip side of the Linux advantages is that it has more security options and features than other operating systems, which inevitably results in improved stability and speed.

The best practice is to choose Linux VPS hosting over dedicated or shared choices. It is significantly more cost-effective than a dedicated server you might not need. It is far superior to shared hosting, with a lot less risk of your site going down owing to another site sharing your server. Generally, your resources—or lack thereof—will indicate if you need to upgrade.

Essential security features to take into account

Even smaller website owners must consider all the strategies to secure their websites, as even 90% of IT professionals are concerned about their data security. Consequently, Linux VPS hosting is dependable for maintaining strong security over time. Remembering that no system is impenetrable, you can secure your VPS by turning off root logins, unused network ports, IPv6 support, and SSH port. Moreover, you can disable anonymous FTP uploads and enable auto-updates for the CMS.

Complete root access

Some hosting plans include root access, which gives you total control over your server's operating system without needing a control interface. In contrast, several hosting companies offer managed help through their control panel or give you root access without any managed support. In light of this, you must select a web hosting service that offers all the required combinations.

Did you realize it? - You can only get limitless full root access from Seimaxim, completely managed support, and the choice of a control panel or not from any other service on the market. You'll need help finding that mix in any other market.

Transparency in prices

If you notice inflated discounts of 60% off or even 80% off, this is because the values are only bait for a while. They're made to entice you to join on the spot and then slap a no-refund condition when your subscription period is up, charging you extra for the same lengthy hosting duration and often even a month earlier.

Transparent pricing is how hosting rates should be created, meaning that the prices you see on your screen are the actual prices you'd be paying. Thus, consider hosting costs before making a wise choice.

vCPU consideration

vCPUs are very crucial for your VPS. It determines how many vCPU your virtual machine can use or how many vCPUs an underlying hypervisor has allocated to your VPS. Many factors play a role in it, such as which generation of your CPU is running, How many virtual machines are running on the hypervisor, and which kind of load is on those VMs.

SeiMaxim VPS is equipped with AMD EPYC and  Intel Xeon Gold processors.

Configuration of a network

Your network infrastructure's performance is one of the features you should consider. SeiMaxim uses multiple Tier-1 upstream providers to provide redundant connections in Northc Datacenter.

Outstanding performance

Regarding high-quality performance, web hosting firms must offer top-tier VPS and dedicated servers with the newest RAM, NVMe storage, and processors. The performance of your Linux VPS servers should be at the most significant level, with 99% or even 100% uptime.

Backup/Restore options

You require a web hosting service that regularly backs up your data to safeguard your VM. You can be guaranteed that this hosting service will recover your lost data from the most recent backup.

The backup feature is expensive, so please check if you can do the backup on your end, or buying this feature, especially from a hosting company, can be very expensive over time. 

Uptime SLA guaranteed 

A measure called uptime displays how long a system has been in operation or since restarted. It would help if you had a Linux VPS provider offering uptime guarantees of more than 99%.

knowledge and experience

Each hosting firm that has been in operation for many years is that much more advanced than the hosting company that has only recently launched. 

Consider how long your VPS hosting provider has been operating because new hosting providers are frequently entering the market.

SeiMaxim has been in the industry for more than 5+ years. Our Linux engineers are Red Hat and VMware Certified.

Ram Capabilities

RAM is expansive, so plans are charged according to the RAM capacity of your selected VM, which is the industry standard. Your website will need more RAM resources as traffic and content increase. 

Seimaxim provides more RAM to VPS in each price range than its competitors. 

Arrangements restrictions

Choose a web hosting provider that doesn't impose arbitrary restrictions on the hosted virtual server. So long as your server hardware can support it, you can host unlimited websites, programs, and services. Therefore, it is crucial that you have unrestricted access to all of the server's resources (CPU, RAM, and disk).

24x7x365 hour support

To get things going well, every web hosting provider must eliminate any issues you may encounter. As a result, you should look for a Linux support provider that offers unlimited 24/7, fully managed support at no additional expense. Remember that fully managed hosting provides installation and configuration services for any software required so you can concentrate on running your company rather than your servers.

Why is dedicated and shareable web hosting better than VPS hosting?

Even if VPS hosting has many advantages, let's first discuss the main differences between shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting.

Shared hosting, a physical server, is shared by you and several other customers. This option is the least expensive, and you typically get what you pay for. On the same server, you share the same resources but pay less. All the other websites will be directly impacted by one website getting viral, resulting in them loading slowly or going unavailable.

The complete opposite of shared hosting is dedicated hosting. The entire server and its resources are available to one customer only. This is the most effective approach but also the most expensive. Thus it should only be employed by big companies and popular websites.

VPS hosting is the ideal midpoint. Several virtual machines, or VPS as they are more widely called, are created from a single physical server. Depending on the size of your site, you can choose from various sizes in terms of resources and specifications, which will also affect the entire cost.

Each VPS runs its operating system and is entirely autonomous. Typically, they are available in two main configurations:

VPS on a single server (multiple VPS can be hosted on a single physical server) VPS in the cloud (hosted on several physical servers, so many dedicated servers are pulled together to form a hardware cloud). This can occasionally be even bigger than a dedicated server, but it is much more expensive.

VPS is an excellent choice for websites that:

Have better stability and dedicated resources, require quicker load times than those hosted on shared plans, benefit from increased security, and make it simple to scale your business.

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