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Select From 2 Data Center Regions Worldwide

A drop-and-drag page editor, plus automatic updates and 1-click restore.

Our security team meticulously monitor, thwart suspicious activity and deflect DDoS attacks.

SSH secure shell available on-demand. Experience true Unix / Linux based Hosting.

1-click purchase of additional resources (CPU, RAM, I/O, Storage space)

Flexible, easy-to-use control panel. Access files, create ftp account, manage databases right from single dashboard.

1-click setup for SeiMaxim registered domains at lowest price in market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What upgrades and services can I add to my Shared Web Hosting package?2020-04-15T16:09:15+02:00

You can easily upgrade your Shared Web Hosting plan by paying the difference in price.  SeiMaxim provides a wealth of resources to enhance your web hosting experience. Buy domains, SSL certificates, backups and malware detection services. We offer full website design service, website optimizations, site migrations, and social media marketing.

What are the benefits of Shared Web Hosting?2020-04-15T16:08:54+02:00

Shared Web Hosting is economical compared to buying a VPS or dedicated server. Moreover, all the intricate tasks of server security and administration is done by the hosting company. You only develop and manage your website. An intuitive control panel for managing hosting account is critical for best shared hosting experience.

How shared hosting differs from free web hosting?2020-04-15T16:09:07+02:00

One popular alternative to paid shared hosting is free hosting. Those users who are willing sacrifice a few essential features will have no trouble finding a host of free services online. It is important to note that while shared hosting always contains an individual domain, free hosting users are usually only offered subdomains under the domain addresses of their hosting providers – an instant turn off for commercial web projects aiming for a professional appearance. Another drawback is that free hosting services are most often financed through advertisements, often on free users’ sites, making it difficult to monetize websites.

What is Shared web hosting and who should use it?2020-04-15T15:58:43+02:00

In shared hosting, one physical server is shared by a number of users who utilize the same hardware resources. All users share the cost of storage, memory, bandwidth and other resources. An important feature of shared hosting is that users cannot access other accounts or their data, so the system is safe and secure. This make shared web hosting a popular choice for bloggers, small to mid-sized business owners and geeks. Even beginners can start using it almost immediately because of user-friendly cPanel interface.

We’ll set up your hosting account and install the necessary software. All you have to do is upload your website or other web-based system. Using the simple control panel, you can create and manage your database, email account and other tools for doing business. We can even help you migrate your website and databases from your old hosting provider.

If at least one of the following statements describes you, shared hosting may be the best solution for your website :

  • Your business is small to mid-sized
  • Your internet traffic is limited to a few hundred monthly visitors
  • You have no idea how to install a server, configure and upgrade software or perform technical maintenance

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