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How to install rasdaemon and monitor hardware errors

To set up the hardware error reporting rasdaemon.

  • Install the rasdaemon package first.
  • Launch the rasdaemon service after enabling data collection in Rasdaemon.
  • Configure the rasdaemon service to restart automatically when the computer boots up.
  • The motherboard DIMM labels can be imported into the EDAC drivers once the service has been launched for simpler fault reporting.
  • Verify the driver's status.

All the above steps are given below on the command line.

# dnf install rasdaemon                         # install rasdaemon
# rasdaemon --enable                            # enable data collection
rasdaemon: ras:mc_event event enabled
rasdaemon: ras:aer_event event enabled
rasdaemon: mce:mce_record event enabled
rasdaemon: ras:extlog_mem_event event enabled
# systemctl start rasdaemon                     # start daemon
# systemctl enable rasdaemon                    # setup to auto-start at boot
# ras-mc-ctl --register-labels                  # register labels for platform
# ras-mc-ctl --status                           # check driver status

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