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What is VPS Hosting with dedicated GPU?

A VPS is a complete server with its own operating system and virtual hardware built on top of physical server hardware. A Linux or Windows-based operating system known as a hypervisor is used to build virtual servers, datastores, virtual switches, virtual routers, virtual CPUs, and RAM. Some leading hypervisors are VMware, Citrix Xenserver, and KVM. With rapid provisioning of a VPS, you can scale horizontally to handle bursts in computing resources.

An important advantage of a VPS is that you can replicate and clone a VPS easily and within a short time. You can increase resources like CPU, RAM, and storage instantly by asking your VPS hosting provider. With SeiMaxim virtualization technology, you can scale your VPS up to 24TB RAM and 768 vCPUs, leaving our competitors far behind in this field. You can meet the demands of high-performance applications and memory-intensive databases, including SAP HANA and Epic Cache Operational database.

A greater advantage of using hypervisor is in the field of graphics visualization, rendering, and streaming. SeiMaxim VPS offers 3-D professional graphics that included GPU Pass-through and hardware-based GPU sharing with NVIDIA vGPU™, AMD MxGPU™, and Intel GVT-g™. A pass-through GPU is not abstracted at all but remains one physical device. Each hosted VPS gets its own dedicated GPU, eliminating the software abstraction and the performance penalty that goes with it. This GPU Pass-Through feature is ideally intended for graphics power users, such as CAD designers and Molecular modelers.

To cut the cost of a single VPS with a dedicated GPU, a shared GPU can be implemented.  Shared GPU allows one physical GPU to be used by multiple VPS at the same time. Because a portion of a physical GPU is used, performance is greater than emulated graphics, and there is no need for one card per VPS. This feature enables resource optimization and increases the performance of the VPS. The graphics workload of each VPS is passed directly to the GPU without processing by the hypervisor.

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