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VNC session freezes for a few seconds

VNC hangs due to an increased number of VNC sessions initiated by sshd, being under the closing state.

# loginctl list-sessions --no-pager | wc -l

A session would be in a closing state if a process within the session stayed alive after the session was closed.

# loginctl session-status 45098
45098 - root (0)
Since: Fri 2021-09-04 13:20:15 CET; 1 months 0 days ago
Leader: 1278
Remote: vnc.seimaxim.com
Service: sshd; type tty; class user
State: closing
Unit: session-45098.scope

The root cause is that two sshd daemons are running on the server. This causes logind to not terminate the session gracefully. To resolve this issue, reboot the server.

  • You should run only one sshd daemon on the server.

# ps axu | grep -i "sbin/sshd"

  • Run the following command and check the output. This will disable the sshd-quest.service.

# systemctl stop sshd-quest.service
# systemctl disable sshd-quest.service

  • Keep running the sshd.service as provisioned in the Linux OS.

# systemctl start sshd.service
# systemctl enable sshd.service

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