How to restart network in AlmaLinux and CentOS 8

You can restart the network in AlmaLinux 8 by using two methods.

  • The preferred one using nmcli is given below.

nmcli networking off && nmcli networking on

  • The second method is to install legacy network services as below.

yum install network-scripts
service network restart

Using the second method, you will get the following warning messages in logs.

WARN : [network] You are using 'network' service provided by 'network-scripts', which are now deprecated.
WARN : [network] 'network-scripts' will be removed in one of the next major releases of RHEL.
WARN : [network] It is advised to switch to 'NetworkManager' instead for network management.

In AlmaLinux, it is advised to not restart NetworkManager (systemctl restart NetworkManager). The respective daemon is always running.

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