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.ORG is the world’s most trusted generic top-level-domain introduced in 1985. The domain name .ORG is truncated from the word organization. It is originally reserved for non-profit organizations, commonly used by communities, charities, schools, and open-source projects.

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Why .ORG Domain

Largest and first registry to sign DNS with DNSSEC that allow verification of DNS data by conforming DNS clients

Operational Accuracy

Operational Accuracy

.ORG domain DNS is operational with 100% accuracy for more than two decades. This stability ensures you can focus on building your presence like the top religious and cultural sites who trust .ORG.

Trusted TLD

Trusted TLD

Revered as the global standard in domain name TLD. .ORG was first introduced on the internet in 1985. As of now, there are more than 11 million .ORG registered domain names. Due to .ORG domain large global footprint, million of non-profit entities use .ORG for their online presence.



Our certified domain experts are online to give 24x7x365 consultation and technical support—30 minutes response time for support tickets. Ask us if you have difficulty in finding your perfect .ORG domain name. There are many free .ORG domain names consisting of 5 characters. We can help you find a perfect .ORG. 

How to Choose .ORG



A perfect keyword relevant to your business is ideal for good rankings in search results. For hosting companies, the great keyword to be included with your domain name is a host.


short domain name

.ORG Domain name should be short and concise. Shorter domain names are easier to pronounce and remember by potential consumers of your services.



Be creative. Think for innovative .ORG domain name to add creativity to your organization name and online presence. Your domain name should stand out from the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need approval for a .ORG domain? What are the required documents?

You do not need approval for registering a .ORG domain name. To find your perfect .ORG domain, click the search bar below.

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Can I buy .ORG domain name if I am not 501(c)?

.ORG domain is unrestricted, and anyone can buy .ORG domain name. Grab your today!

Can I use privacy protection for my .ORG domain name?

Yes, .ORG domain has privacy protection to safe your data from spammers.

What domains are available from SeiMaxim?

At SeiMaxim, you can register brand new domain names using hundreds of popular TLDs. In our domain name search portal, you will find thousands of domain names that have already been registered but are now for sale.

Can I reserve a domain at SeiMaxim?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve domains. Until a domain has been registered, it is on the open market. Most Registries have a reserved list. However, this is a list of domains that the Registry has decided not to release to the public. These domains are not available to be registered.

What character restrictions apply to domain name?

Most domain names have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 63 characters. A domain name may contain numbers (0-9), letters (a-z), or dashes (-). However, it may not:

* Begin or end with a dash (-).

* Contain special characters, such as ! @# $ % & ? ~ : _ ( )

* Have a dash (-) in the third and/or fourth positions.

Some countries in case of (ccTLDs) country code Top Level Domains may request the domain applicant to provide an identification number or certain documents to complete the registration. For specific requirements, please contact our support. You will be notified by our support email if the applied domain is restricted.

How long does it take to register a domain at SeiMaxim?

The Global Top Level Domains (gTLDs) – e.g., .com, .net, .org, will be registered 24 hours after payment is made successfully. For international domain names, it depends on the restrictions and the policy in each country. If the provided information and documents are sufficient, we will process your domain application within 48 hours. Some registries will double-check the documents before the domain is approved. That will delay the processing time.
The domain applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail once the registration is completed.

Why buy a domain from SeiMaxim?

When you buy a domain name from SeiMaxim, we guarantee it will be registered in your name with professional standards of service and award-winning support. Our primary goal is to build a customer-oriented business model having the most satisfied customers in the hosting industry. The SeiMaxim guarantee is our Hall-mark of excellence. On top of that, we always focus to deliver premium customer experiences.

What is required to register a domain?

Many Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) have requirements to protect their namespace’s integrity. However, most are free to be used by anyone in the world. It is best to check the local presence requirements for specific domains during the domain name application process. In some cases, SeiMaxim Domain Directors can act as an agent on your behalf to secure the domain for you.

How to search for domain name?

Search your domain name, enter the second-level domain, and the domain extension in the SeiMaxim Domain name search field. Once you use our domain name lookup and find a suitable web address, you can point your domain to the website hosting server’s IP.

How to select a domain name?

Lots of people assume that they need the .com extension for every domain. While it is still considered the gold standard, hundreds of other domain options exist out there. These can be excellent choices to add clever branding to your website or to expand your search. At SeiMaxim, we have a page dedicated to all of the new TLDs.

If you already have a business or brand, your domain should match your name. If the .com domain is taken, you can try an alternate TLD, but be sure not to put yourself in another company’s shadow or infringe on their trademark. Make sure no one holds a trademark on the proposed domain name.

Make sure your domain is easy to spell and pronounce and doesn’t contain any strange letter substitutions or omissions that will make it difficult to remember. Hyphens are also usually not a great idea because people forget about them. Do any online survey to ensure the domain name does not appear as a username on major social media sites.

Things to consider while buying a domain;

  • The domain name should be short.
  • No unexpected associations.
  • The domain name should be memorable.
  • People should spell it easily.
  • Should not spell anything strange.
  • It should not be similar to a social account.
  • Consider new TLDs that fit your brand.

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.ORG Domain information

Minimum Registration Period1 year
Maximum Registration Period10 years
Minimum Renewal Period1 year
Maximum Renewal Period1 year
Domain PrivacyYES
IDN SupportYES
Registrar Lock SupportYES
ICANN Fees$0.19

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  • DNSSEC is available free of cost with all eligible domains.
  • You will receive a domain privacy subscription free with every eligible domain registration or transfer. Talk with our expert on Live chat. Due to restrictions imposed by the registry, domain privacy is not available for some TLDs. DNS features mentioned are applicable only if your domain uses the SeiMaxim DNS service.
  • ICANN charges a mandatory annual fee of $0.19 for each domain registration, renewal, or transfer. This fee is already added to the listed price, so you will not be charged any additional fees during the payment checkout process.
  • We recommend that you set these specific domains to auto-renew at least 13 days before the expiration date. .ORG, .PE, .SG, .COM.SG, .COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU, .CH, .ES, .COM.ES, .NOM.ES, .ORG.ES, .FR, .LI, .PE, .COM.PE, .NET.PE.
  • If your domain is not renewed or set to auto-renewal at least 12 days before the expiration date, it immediately enters the redemption period. Once in this state, it will not be possible to renew it at the regular price. Read more about renewal requirements.
  • We recommend that you set these domains to auto-renew at least 6 days before the expiration date. .EU, .NL. .CX, and .DE.
  • If you do not renew your domain at least 5 days before the expiration date, it immediately enters the redemption period. Once in the redemption state, your domain, website, and other related services will stop working, and you may have to $200 or more to activate the domain. So, you must renew your domain before the expiry date.
  • Special offers apply to all registrations and may change in the future.