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How to delete a non-root LVM volume?

If the non-root LVM volume, Volume Group, and Physical Volume used for the LV is no longer needed on the system, they can be deleted using the steps below. If the LVM volume has any critical data, make sure to make a copy of that data before moving on to the following steps. Replace /dev/sdc1 …

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How to restrict access to a specific user when file or directory permission is 777?

To remove a user named ‘user’ access from a file/directory with full access to ‘other’. # setfacl -m u:user:- /path/to/file_or_directory The same can be done for a group named ‘groupname’; change u to g. # setfacl -m g:groupname:- /path/to/file_or_directory Check the permission with getfacl. # getfacl /path/to/file_or_directory # file: example/ # owner: root # group: …

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