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How to limit per user VNC sessions count?

You can use the following PERL script to limit VNC sessions per user. Create a new file name vncserver and add the following content. # Start the VNC Server # Maximum sessions is limited to 2 per user in server. &vnclimit(); } } sub vnclimit { $countoutput = `ps -u $ENV{USER} | grep -i Xvnc …

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How to setup FTP in Linux based server

Login to the server as root and install vsftpd with yum install vsftpd ftp -y Use vi editor to open /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf [vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf] and add/change following options: anonymous_enable=NO ascii_upload_enable=YES ascii_download_enable=YES use_localtime=YES Enable and start the vsftpd service. systemctl enable vsftpd systemctl start vsftpd Allow the ftp service and port 21 via firewall. firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=21/tcp …

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How to configure a bonding device in a Linux server

Multiple bonding modes in a Linux operating system are given below: balance-alb (fault tolerance and load balancing) balance-tlb (fault tolerance and load balancing) active-backup (fault tolerance) broadcast (fault tolerance) balance-rr (fault tolerance and load balancing) 802.3ad (fault tolerance and load balancing) balance-xor (fault tolerance and load balancing) We will use Network Manager CLI to add …

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Kickstart fails to form boot partition [Not enough space in filesystems for the current software selection]

The kickstart automatic installation of the Linux operating system fails but the normal install is successful. To resolve this issue follow the steps given below: Add clearpart --all --drives=${devname} --initlabel in kickstart disk section. This will delete partition table of disk. If the above option does not resolve the issue add zerombr option above clearpart …

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How to enable audit for file on nfs server?

Add -w /NFS-MOUNT/ -p wa -k NFS-MOUNT line at the end of file /etc/audit/audit.rules [root@COMPUTE ~]# cat /etc/audit/audit.rules ## This file is automatically generated from /etc/audit/rules.d -D -b 8192 -f 1 -w /NFS-MOUNT/ -p wa -k NFS-MOUNT Execute the following command to restart auditd service service auditd restart

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SELinux prevents /usr/lib/cups/daemon/cups-lpd from read access on the sock_file cups.sock in Linux server

In spite of /usr/lib/cups/daemon/cups-lpd denial to read access sock_file cups.sock, cups-lpd will successfully migrate print jobs received via LPD to the local CUPS server. You can either ignore this issue or create a custom SELinux policy module. The steps to create a custom SELinux policy module are listed below: yum -y install setools-console yum-utils policycoreutils-devel …

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