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What is NVMe?2020-06-15T04:00:23+02:00

NVM Express (NVMe) or Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface Specification (NVMHCIS) is an open logical device interface specification for accessing non-volatile storage media attached via PCI Express (PCIe) bus. The acronym NVM stands for non-volatile memory, which is often NAND flash memory that comes in several physical form factors, including solid-state drives (SSDs), PCI Express (PCIe) add-in cards, M.2 cards, and other forms. NVM Express, as a logical device interface, has been designed to capitalize on the low latency and internal parallelism of solid-state storage devices.

What is a proxy?2020-06-09T11:21:59+02:00

A proxy is a server that connects users to other servers. For example, every time you access a website, your server is accessing information from the website server. When using a proxy, you are connecting to a different IP/location and that IP/location is connecting to the website, therefore masking your online identity. Proxies are commonly used with your computer’s network connections settings, proxy-switching browser extensions or software that involves web crawling.

What upgrades and services can I add to my Shared Web Hosting package?2020-04-15T16:09:15+02:00

You can easily upgrade your Shared Web Hosting plan by paying the difference in price.  SeiMaxim provides a wealth of resources to enhance your web hosting experience. Buy domains, SSL certificates, backups and malware detection services. We offer full website design service, website optimizations, site migrations, and social media marketing.

What are the benefits of Shared Web Hosting?2020-04-15T16:08:54+02:00

Shared Web Hosting is economical compared to buying a VPS or dedicated server. Moreover, all the intricate tasks of server security and administration is done by the hosting company. You only develop and manage your website. An intuitive control panel for managing hosting account is critical for best shared hosting experience.

How shared hosting differs from free web hosting?2020-04-15T16:09:07+02:00

One popular alternative to paid shared hosting is free hosting. Those users who are willing sacrifice a few essential features will have no trouble finding a host of free services online. It is important to note that while shared hosting always contains an individual domain, free hosting users are usually only offered subdomains under the domain addresses of their hosting providers – an instant turn off for commercial web projects aiming for a professional appearance. Another drawback is that free hosting services are most often financed through advertisements, often on free users’ sites, making it difficult to monetize websites.

What is Shared web hosting and who should use it?2020-04-15T15:58:43+02:00

In shared hosting, one physical server is shared by a number of users who utilize the same hardware resources. All users share the cost of storage, memory, bandwidth and other resources. An important feature of shared hosting is that users cannot access other accounts or their data, so the system is safe and secure. This make shared web hosting a popular choice for bloggers, small to mid-sized business owners and geeks. Even beginners can start using it almost immediately because of user-friendly cPanel interface.

We’ll set up your hosting account and install the necessary software. All you have to do is upload your website or other web-based system. Using the simple control panel, you can create and manage your database, email account and other tools for doing business. We can even help you migrate your website and databases from your old hosting provider.

If at least one of the following statements describes you, shared hosting may be the best solution for your website :

  • Your business is small to mid-sized
  • Your internet traffic is limited to a few hundred monthly visitors
  • You have no idea how to install a server, configure and upgrade software or perform technical maintenance
What are Block Storage Volumes?2019-05-02T12:43:50+02:00

SeiMaxim Block Storage is a flexible, convenient way of managing additional storage for your Cloud server.

Block Storage is provisioned in units called volumes. Volumes function as generic block devices, so you can treat attached volumes like locally connected storage drives. This lets you partition, format, and manage volumes with familiar tools and techniques.

Volumes are an independent resource that can be moved from one instance to another within the same region, and you can increase the size of a volume without powering down the compute instance it’s attached to. They’re most useful when you need more storage space but don’t need the additional processing power or memory that a larger instance would provide, like:

  • As the document root or media uploads directory for a web server
  • To house database files for a database server
  • As a target location for backups
  • As expanded storage for personal file hosting platforms like ownCloud
  • As components for building more advanced storage solutions, like RAID arrays

SeiMaxim’s automated backups do not include block storage volumes, but you can take manual backups with volume snapshots.

How to monitor your Cloud Server Instances?2019-05-02T06:41:21+02:00

SeiMaxim Monitoring is a free, opt-in service that provides insight into resource usage across your infrastructure. Monitoring gives administrators greater insight into their infrastructure’s resource usage with improved Droplet graphs, configurable alert policies, and integrated notifications. Instance graphs are a visual representation of system-level metrics to provide a high-level overview of resource usage. This can help you understand how your resource usage is changing over time and how different resource levels correlate.

What are datacenter locations of Cloud Server Instances?2019-05-02T06:33:37+02:00

Cloud server instances are available in New York, San Francisco, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Toronto, Canada; London, U.K; Frankfurt, Germany; Bangalore, India.

What software is included?2019-03-02T18:40:47+02:00

Typically we will deliver our systems with an OS of your choosing and that’s it. However, we have a limited number of GPU/HPC applications that we can assist with the setup. These are quick setup GPU applications that are optimized to perform best with heavy GPU workloads. Some of our most popular GPU enabled application are Caffe, Amber, TensorFlow, Torch, and more.

Will my GPU server be virtualized?2019-03-02T18:37:42+02:00

No. Unless you request this during the design and build consultation. Virtualization does have some benefits but could reduce the overall performance of your application, since it requires some overhead resources. You will get full root access to the server and all the peered GPUs.

What is the difference between GPU models?2019-03-02T18:35:06+02:00

PNY Quadro GP100:

CUDA Cores: 3584Memory Bandwidth: 717 GB/sGPU Memory 16 GB HBM2FP32 Performance: 10.3 TFLOPS

Nvidia Quadro P1000

CUDA Cores: 640Memory Bandwidth: 80 GB/sGPU Memory: 4 GB GDDR5FP32 Performance: 1.894 TFLOPS

Nvidia Quadro P5000

CUDA Cores: 2560Memory Bandwidth: 288 GB/sGPU Memory: 16 GB GDDR5XFP32 Performance: 8.9 TFLOPS

GeForce GTX1080Ti

CUDA Cores: 3584Memory Bandwidth: 484 GB/sGPU Memory: 11 GB GDDR5XFP32 Performance: 11 TFLOPS
Are dedicated bare-metal GPUs available?2019-03-02T18:33:32+02:00

Yes, all SeiMaxim HPC dedicated servers are single tenant solutions, allowing you to customize each and every specification of the server. We have hundreds of CPU, chassis, memory and storage solutions available. Not sure what you need, then let our sales engineering team help you with the selection process.

What GPU models are available at SeiMaxim?2019-03-02T18:31:30+02:00

While we are able to source you any GPU around, we stock the following for immediate deployment PNY Quadro P1000, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti, Nvidia Quadro P5000 and Nvidia Quadro GP100.

Can I use the dedicated GPU server for Crypto mining?2019-03-02T18:39:25+02:00

Yes. Our team has experience with Bitcoin and Etherium mining and would be available to help engineer the best solution for your application.

How many GPUs can be added to a server?2019-03-02T16:36:46+02:00

If your application requires serious GPU performance, we can deliver 4, 8 or 10 GPUs peered together into a single root complex using today’s most advanced binding technology. Our HPC servers are data center grade and equipped with NVIDIA and PNY GPU accelerators.

What domains are available from SeiMaxim?2019-02-27T11:38:54+02:00

At SeiMaxim, you can register brand new domain names using hundreds of popular TLDs. In our domain name search portal, you will find thousands of domain names that have already been registered but are now for sale.

Can I reserve a domain at SeiMaxim?2019-02-27T11:37:24+02:00

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve domains. Until a domain has been registered it is on the open market. Most Registries have a reserved list, however, this is a list of domains that the Registry has decided not to release to the public. These domains are not available to be registered.

What character restrictions apply to domain name?2019-02-27T11:36:07+02:00

Most domain names have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 63 characters. A domain name may contain numbers (0-9), letters (a-z) or dashes (-). However, it may not:

* Begin or end with a dash (-).

* Contain special characters, such as ! @# $ % & ? ~ : _ ( )

* Have a dash (-) in the third and/or fourth positions.

Some countries in case of (ccTLDs) country code Top Level Domains may request the domain applicant to provide an identification number, or certain documents to complete the registration. For specific requirements, please contact our support. You will be notified by our support email if the applied domain is restricted.

How long does it take to register a domain at SeiMaxim?2019-02-27T11:34:43+02:00

The Global Top Level Domains (gTLDs) – e.g. .com, .net, .org, will be registered around 24 hours after payment is made successfully. For international domain names, it depends on the restrictions and the policy in each country. If the provided information and documents are sufficient, we will process your domain application within 48 hours. Some registries will double check the documents before the domain is approved. That will delay the processing time.
The domain applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail once the registration is completed.

Why you need to register a domain?2019-02-27T11:33:06+02:00

When you buy a domain name from SeiMaxim, we guarantee it will be registered in your name with professional standards of service and award-winning support. Our primary goal is to build a customer-oriented business model having the most satisfied customers in the hosting industry. The SeiMaxim guarantee is our Hall-mark of excellence. On top of that, we always focus to deliver premium customer experiences.

Why buy a domain from SeiMaxim?2019-02-27T11:31:21+02:00

When you buy a domain name from SeiMaxim, we guarantee it will be registered in your name with professional standards of service and award-winning support. Our primary goal is to build a customer-oriented business model having the most satisfied customers in the hosting industry. The SeiMaxim guarantee is our Hall-mark of excellence. On top of that, we always focus to deliver premium customer experiences.

What is required to register a domain?2019-02-26T23:11:17+02:00

Many Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) have requirements to protect the integrity of their name space. However most are free to be used by anyone in the world. It is best to check the local presence requirements for specific domains during the domain name application process. In some cases SeiMaxim Domain Directors can act as an agent on your behalf to secure the domain for you.

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers?2019-02-17T05:18:28+02:00

Dedicated server hosting providers may provide the following types of managed server support:

• Fully managed: Includes 24×7 monitoring, software updates, reboots, security patches, and operating system upgrades. Customers are completely hands-off.

• Managed Dedicated Servers: Includes medium level of management, monitoring, updates, and a limited amount of support. Customers may perform specific tasks.

 Self-managed Dedicated Servers: Includes regular monitoring and some maintenance. Customers manage most operations and tasks on the dedicated server.

• Unmanaged Dedicated Servers: Little to no involvement from the service provider. Customers provide all maintenance, upgrades, patches, and security.

What are datacenter locations of dedicated server?2019-02-17T05:17:39+02:00

We are offering dedicated servers in the USA from the following locations;

USA:                            Kansas
USA:                            Tampa, Florida
USA:                            Buffalo, New York
USA:                            LA, California
Netherlands:               Amsterdam
Canada:                       Beauharnais
France:                         Paris
Russia:                         Moscow
Italy:                           Milan

How to get additional IPs with your dedicated server?2019-02-17T05:16:48+02:00

For a small number of IP Addresses, there should not be any specific requirements, however for if you want to have a big chunk of IPs, then we are going to need justification for the usage of those IPs and whether you intend to buy extra IPs in future as well. Flexibility on justification of IPs may differ with data center location. For more information, you may contact our support.

What is dedicated hosting service?2019-02-17T05:15:54+02:00

A dedicated hosting service or dedicated server is a type of internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server, including choice of operating system and hardware resources.

How do we monitor your data center resources?2019-02-17T05:14:10+02:00

Our proactive support team and IT consultants are on-site 24x7x365 to ensure data center resources are available to you.

How long does it take to setup dedicated server?2019-02-17T05:12:21+02:00

We want your server to be up and running in a few minutes. However, there are some administrative and security procedures that we need to follow that may take a few hours to complete.

What is a dedicated server?2019-02-17T05:09:26+02:00

Dedicated servers USA are bare-metal, reserved for a single customer and stored in the top-tier data center. You will have complete control over the server including the selection of OS, software and security policies. Linux dedicated servers and workstations can be managed or unmanaged depending upon the customer’s choice. Dedicated workstations are ideally suited for Linux power users who require huge memory, massive computational power, and server-grade storage.

What are datacenter locations of VPS server?2019-02-09T07:25:27+02:00

VPS servers are available in USA and Netherlands.

How to get additional IPs with your Virtual Private Server?2020-06-15T04:18:45+02:00

SeiMaxim VPS comes with single IPv4 but multiple IP addresses can be ordered at the price of $3.50/IP per month. To request additional IP(s) please contact our support support-at-seimaxim.com.

How do we monitor your data center resources?2019-02-09T07:26:51+02:00

Basic DDOS mitigation service is functional at Data center level at no additional cost to our clients.

How long does it take to setup VPS?2020-06-15T04:18:37+02:00

VPS server setup usually takes 15 minutes to an hour depending upon client configuration requirements.

What is a Virtual Private Server?2020-06-15T04:18:22+02:00

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system (OS), and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that Linux or Windows OS.