when a NFS share is mount on a client PC and NFS server is hung and the user try to access the share, it may cause client PC unresponsive. The recommended way to avoid this unresponsiveness in Client PC is to utilize a soft mount option. This is specifically associated with aiding in client responsiveness. Soft option should be used if you’re more worried about client responsiveness over data integrity. If applications can handle the error that a soft mount produces, IO error , then it should be ok to use.

Also tuning timeo and retrans values can be done, remember that the timeo option is in deciseconds. Do not tune the value too low or else small blips in the network will trigger outages.¬†Tune the value so that there’s enough time to recover from network issues but still aid in client response.

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In case the share is mounted using default mount options i.e. timeo= 600 and restrans=2. This would wait 60 seconds three times for a total of 180 seconds then issue an IO error to the application issuing the write request via NFS.