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GPU Dedicated Servers

nVIDIA GPU Dedicated Servers by SeiMaximUp to 10 GPUs on your dedicated server · GPU memory bandwidth of 700+ GB/s

Manage a large enterprise from the cloud with extreme compute performance, incredible speed, and accuracy - From numerical computing and graphics to energy exploration, Cryptocurrency mining, and machine learning.

nVIDIA SeiMaxim GPU Servers

GPU Servers: Price PlansNVlink capable allows shared memory pools · Hundreds of GPU-ready apps available · Windows and Linux supported

99.999% Uptime SLA · Intelligently Routed Blend of 7 Transit Providers · Network Layer Intrusion Detection System.

GeForce GTX 1080 GPU Server

NVIDIA GTX1080 and GTX1080Ti GPU Servers

NVIDIA GTX1080 & GTX1080Ti GPU cards are designed for a wide range of tasks that do not require concurrent computing calculations. GTX1080 is a perfect solution for neural networks, streaming, transcoding, and other high-performance computing tasks.

Data CenterGPUCPURAMHard DriveBandwidth/Mon$/MonthSetup feesPurchase
Russia1x GTX10801x Xeon E3-1230 v5 4x 3.4 GHz16 GB240 Gb SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$269$49.99Order Now
Russia2x GTX10801x Xeon E5-1630 v4 4x 3.7 GHz32 GB480 GB SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$449$49.99Order Now
Russia4x GTX10801x Xeon E5-1630 v4 4x 3.7GHz64 GB960 GB SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$799$79.99Order Now
Netherlands1x GTX1080Ti1x Xeon E5-2637 v4 4x 3.5GHz16 GB240 GB SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$199$49.99Order Now
Netherlands2x GTX1080Ti1x Xeon E5-2637 v4 4x 3.5GHz32 GB480 GB SSD10 TB 1 Gbps Port$299$59.99Order Now
Netherlands4x GTX1080Ti1x Xeon E3-1230 v6 4x3.5GHz64 GB 512 GB SSD10 TB 1 Gbps Port$699$79.99Order Now
Netherlands8x GTX1080Ti2x Xeon E5-2637 v4 8x 3.5GHz128 GB2x 960 GB SSD10 TB 1 Gbps Port$1249$79.99Order Now

Grid K2 GPU Servers


NVIDIA GRID™ technology offers the ability to offload graphics processing from the CPU to the GPU in virtualized environments. This gives you the freedom to experience true PC graphics. NVIDIA GRID is advanced technology meant for game streaming and high-performance 3-D graphics.

Data CenterGPUCPURAMHard DriveBandwidth/Mon$/MonthSetup feesPurchase
Russia1x GRID K2 GPUXeon E5-1650 v4 6x 3.6GHz32 GB480 GB SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$382$49.99Order Now
Russia2x GRID K2 GPU2x Xeon E5-2620v4 16x 2.1GHz64 GB2x 960 GB SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$799$49.99Order Now
Netherlands1x GRID K2 GPUXeon E5-1650 v4 6x 3.6GHz32 GB480 GB SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$380$49.99Order Now
Netherlands2x GRID K2 GPU2x Xeon E5-2620 v4 16x 2.1GHz64 GB2x 960 GB SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$796$49.99Order Now
Netherlands1x GRID K2 GPU2x Xeon E5-2690 v3 24x 2.6GHz64 GB960 GB SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$905$49.99Order Now
Netherlands2x GRID K2 GPU2x Xeon E5-2690 v3 24x 2.6GHz128 GB2x 960GB SSD10 TB 1Gbps Port$1280$49.99Order Now

GeForce GTX 1080 GPU Server

NVIDIA Quadro P1000 / P5000 GPU Servers

Xeon E5-1620 v3 Quad-Core Haswell | 2 X Nvidia Quadro GPU

$499 USD - 1 Month Price
$449.33 USD - 3 Month Price
$424.17 USD - 6 Month Price
$396.75 USD - 12 Month Price

Fully Customizable

Data center: USA

Processor: 3.5GHz Quad-Core E5-1620 v3 Haswell Xeon
GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): 2x Nvidia Quadro P1000
Memory: 32GB DDR4
Primary Hard Drive: 240 GB SSD
Operating System: Linux / Windows / Other
Network: 20TB on 1Gbps port
Internal Network: Available
Managed Services: Self-managed
Data Center: USA
Configurable: Yes
Build Time: 24 hours or less
Discount with longer terms: Save 10% on 4 months; 15% on 6 months and 20% on Annual purchase plan.

Xeon E5-2620 v4 Octa-Core Broadwell | 4 x Nvidia Quadro GPU

$909 USD - 1 Month Price
$817.67 USD - 3 Month Price
$770.33 USD - 6 Month Price
$726 USD - 12 Month Price

Fully Customizable

Data center: USA

Processor: E5-2620 v4 Octa-Core Broadwell Xeon
GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): 4x Nvidia Quadro P1000
Memory: 32GB DDR4
Primary Hard Drive: 480 GB SSD
Operating System: Linux / Windows / Other
Network: 100TB on 1Gbps port
Internal Network: Available
Managed Services: Self-managed
Data Center: USA
Configurable: Yes
Build Time: 24 hours or less
Discount with longer terms: Save 10% on 4 months; 15% on 6 months and 20% on Annual purchase plan.

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GPU Dedicated Server graphics card

Nvidia GPU Dedicated Servers: Salient featuresGPU servers built to perform

Our team of systems, cloud and network engineers is on-premise 24/7 located just feet from your server. Solutions and resolutions in minutes, not days.

  • Powerful

    GPU dedicated servers solve complex problems faster and consume less power than with traditional CPUs only computation.

  • Tier-4 Data center

    Each GPU dedicated server racked in our Tier-4 certified data center is equipped with Nvidia Tesla and Xeon multi-core CPUs.

  • Fully integrated

    GPUs seamlessly integrate into the SeiMaxim Cloud infrastructure, Server management tools, and API.

  • Deep Technical Support

    Focus on your project and leave system administration in our hands. Our excellent tech support sets us apart from other hosting providers.

  • Scalability

    GPUs are scalable, modular and flexible in order to fulfill the future growing business requirements of our customer base.

  • Security

    Our infrastructure is secured with industry-leading security practices. Talk to us for your complete security and compliance requirements.

Premium blend of network providers

Our network is a premium blend of Level 3, Century Link, XO, Comcast, NTT, Cogent, GTT, Hurricane Electric, Seabone & Telia Carrier transit + NOTA, TIE, Any2, TPA-IX, NYIIX, DE-CIX & FLIX peering exchanges.

DDoS Protection and Packet Scrubbing

We block over 90% of malicious traffic at the edge of our network and have the extra ability to enable Corero Smartwall data scrubbing to ensure every packet of data to your server is valid.

Advantages of single-tenant GPU dedicated serversExtreme performance from NVIDIA

Host your numerical-intensive applications on our GPU based High-Performance Computing infrastructure.


Single-tenant GPU dedicated server in Tier-4 data center ensures better security to comply with industry guidelines.


Processor, memory and local storage are not shared with other users so GPU dedicated server work at peak performance.


Fully customizable server hardware and OS software to meet your future business requirements.


Submit unlimited jobs with our workload management software to lower cost and utilize system resources at full throttle.


We offer the most personal & comprehensive support compared to our competitors. It includes 24×7 phone and email support.


Our core business policy is to maintain the trust of our valuable customers above profits. Please talk with us if you are not satisfied.


Enterprise-grade Graphics Hardware


Premium Bandwidth on 1 Gbps Link


99.999% Uptime SLA · Tier-4 Data center


15 Minute Average Ticket Response
GPU Data center

SeiMaxim Data center

Rely on the SeiMaxim with the most comprehensive compliance coverage and recognized as the most trusted Hosting platform for small to large enterprises.

gpu dedicated server

Computing Infrastructure

The data center in the Netherlands uses the most modern technology. It is completely CO2 neutral and runs on 100% renewable energy. Due to the “Cold Corridor System,” the data center is highly energy efficient.



Advanced Techniques

7,5 KWh
ISO 9001:2008

Industry Compliance

  • Total amount of racks: 200.
  • Power per rack: 32A.
  • Racks, 1000mm deep and 45U high (almost 10% higher than normal racks).
  • Redundant N+1 cooling (1.3 EUE).
  • Redundant N+1 power supplies (incl. generator set).
  • Redundant N+1 UPS.
  • Diesel storage tanks that are able to run for 24 hours without external power.
  • Certified fire detection and prevention installation.
  • VESDA.
  • Data center connected to the 10kV ring to ensure power.

GPU Server Hosting FAQAccelerate your High-Performance applications with scalable and flexible GPU servers

Serving customers globally

If your application requires serious GPU performance, we can deliver 4, 8 or 10 GPUs peered together into a single root complex using today’s most advanced binding technology. Our HPC servers are data center grade and equipped with NVIDIA and PNY GPU accelerators.

Graphical Processing Units GPUs work in conjunction with server CPU to accelerate 3-D visualization, application and processing performance. The CPU offloads compute-intensive portions of the application to the GPU, which processes large blocks of data concurrently rather than sequentially to boost overall application performance in a workstation environment.

While we are able to source you any GPU around, we stock the following for immediate deployment PNY Quadro P1000, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti, Nvidia Quadro P5000 and Nvidia Quadro GP100.

Yes, all SeiMaxim HPC dedicated servers are single tenant solutions, allowing you to customize each and every specification of the server. We have hundreds of CPU, chassis, memory and storage solutions available. Not sure what you need, then let our sales engineering team help you with the selection process.

PNY Quadro GP100:

CUDA Cores: 3584Memory Bandwidth: 717 GB/sGPU Memory 16 GB HBM2FP32 Performance: 10.3 TFLOPS


Nvidia Quadro P1000

CUDA Cores: 640Memory Bandwidth: 80 GB/sGPU Memory: 4 GB GDDR5FP32 Performance: 1.894 TFLOPS

Nvidia Quadro P5000

CUDA Cores: 2560Memory Bandwidth: 288 GB/sGPU Memory: 16 GB GDDR5XFP32 Performance: 8.9 TFLOPS


GeForce GTX1080Ti

CUDA Cores: 3584Memory Bandwidth: 484 GB/sGPU Memory: 11 GB GDDR5XFP32 Performance: 11 TFLOPS

No. Unless you request this during the design and build consultation. Virtualization does have some benefits but could reduce the overall performance of your application, since it requires some overhead resources. You will get full root access to the server and all the peered GPUs.

Yes. Our team has experience with Bitcoin and Etherium mining and would be available to help engineer the best solution for your application.

Typically we will deliver our systems with an OS of your choosing and that’s it. However, we have a limited number of GPU / HPC applications that we can assist with the setup. These are quick setup GPU applications that are optimized to perform best with heavy GPU workloads. Some of our most popular GPU enabled application are Caffe, Amber, TensorFlow, Torch, and more.

Need Help

SeiMaxim hosting experts are here 24/7/365. Call (31) 636-400-893 or open Support ticket.

Who we areSeiMaxim is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are a team of Certified IT Professionals providing you quality and cheap web hosting services. Having earned certifications in Hosting, VMware Virtualization, Red Hat Linux, Windows, Cisco and ITIL.

  • We are Creative

    Our team of experts from computational and scientific disciples have developed the core of our infrastructure for your basic and most advanced needs. Experience the power of bare-metal dedicated servers as standalone and in openstack environment.

  • IT Engineers with Best Skill

    Your SeiMaxim subscription comes with award-winning support; the industry's largest ecosystem of partners, customers, and experts; hardware certification; and a connection to open source communities where we source the best features and make them safe for our SMBs & enterprise customers.

Professionals with relevant skills to match

Linux & Windows dedicated Hosting
Website Development
Xen, VMware & Hyper-V virtualization
Monitoring and Security

GPU Servers

There’s no substitute for a GPU dedicated server from SeiMaxim. Hundreds deployed every month. Just configure software, bandwidth, and add-ons. Deploy instantly.

gpu servers

Meet Our teamOur team comprises of both hardware and software professionals, especially trained to handle even the toughest of technical errors.

All of our IT staff members are certified professionals, having deep knowledge and experience about hosting, Virtualization, OpenStack and domain registration requirements and possible problems.



Support Engineerserena@seimaxim.com+3101670556539






Support Engineersara@seimaxim.com+ 3101670556539




NOC Engineerjennifer@gmail.com+3101670556539


TestimonialsDon't just take our word for it

Take a look at what our happy customers and industry leaders are saying

“I want to let you know that we are extremely impressed so far with the level of service in many aspects including calculation speed and user interface and are looking forward to continuing using your services.”

Bassett J., Tech engineer, Swiss Institute of Safety and Security.

“Over the past 3 years since doing business with SeiMaxim, we have have been extremely satisfied with their service. We never experienced any downtime or interruption of service during our extensive production runs.”

Huang T., Center for Advanced studies, Taiwan.

GPU Servers USA

Trustable global network

With customers operating businesses in over 130 countries, our intelligent network is built to perform exceptionally…every moment, everywhere.

Web Hosting Dedicated Servers

Quick provisioing

Pre-configured bundles available for instant provisioning, online in 7 minutes or configure to your exact specifications and be online in 24 hours or less.


Solution in minutes

Our team of systems, cloud and network engineers is on-premise 24/7 located just feet from your server. Expect solutions and resolutions in minutes, not days.

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