SeiMaxim Block Storage is a flexible, convenient way of managing additional storage for your Cloud server.

Block Storage is provisioned in units called volumes. Volumes function as generic block devices, so you can treat attached volumes like locally connected storage drives. This lets you partition, format, and manage volumes with familiar tools and techniques.

Volumes are an independent resource that can be moved from one instance to another within the same region, and you can increase the size of a volume without powering down the compute instance it’s attached to. They’re most useful when you need more storage space but don’t need the additional processing power or memory that a larger instance would provide, like:

  • As the document root or media uploads directory for a web server
  • To house database files for a database server
  • As a target location for backups
  • As expanded storage for personal file hosting platforms like ownCloud
  • As components for building more advanced storage solutions, like RAID arrays

SeiMaxim’s automated backups do not include block storage volumes, but you can take manual backups with volume snapshots.