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Corporate Headquarters in The NetherlandsSeiMaxim provides hosting services and leasing of servers, reliable cloud solutions as well as additional high quality services at competitive prices.

Tier-3 & Tier-4 data centers in USA, Russia and Netherlands. Serving corporate customers and private clients.

Computing Infrastructure

Our goal is to provide our customers the most stable and secure computing infrastructure to meet their increasing computational demands without sacrificing their valuable time. We strive to enable our customers to focus on their project and leave the setup, execution and maintenance of software and hardware resources for us to manage.

Advanced Techniques

We believe investing in research and development to compete in the future. We are ready to solve your toughest problems. Our every employ is dedicated to give you deep technical support whenever required by going beyond our SLA agreements.

Industry Compliance

Most of leading companies trust the SeiMaxim web hosting platform. Join them. Take advantage of SeiMaxim security, privacy, transparency, and the most compliance coverage of any cloud provider. Detect and mitigate threats with a central view of all your SeiMaxim resources .

We are your trusted hosting partner.480Gbps Transit Capacity · 100 Private peers · 140 Countries

Since our inception, We have grown into a leading provider of dedicated servers, VPS, Dedicated web hosting, domains and SSL certificates.

SeiMaxim Domains and Hosting

Rely on the SeiMaxim with the most comprehensive compliance coverage and recognized as the most trusted Hosting platform for small to large enterprises.

We have always aimed to go beyond expectations. Growing from a startup to a global player is just the beginning. We have the drive, experience, and ambition to go faster and further, while never forgetting the importance of trust and reliability. We’re proud of who we are and excited about the future.

SeiMaxim Domains and Hosting.
Cissy Van Maxvelstraat
Almere, Flevoland, 1321 JS

Phone: +31365253109
Email: support ^&- @ -&^ seimaxim.com
Skype: info ^&- @ -&^ seimaxim.com

Should you have a complaint about SeiMaxim’s service, we will do everything in our power to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. If you feel that your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you will have the option of resorting to the Complaints Board.

Who we areWe are a team of Certified IT Professionals providing you quality IT services.

Having earned certifications in Hosting, VMware Virtualization, Red Hat Linux, Windows, Cisco and ITIL.

  • We are Creative

    Our team of experts from computational and scientific disciples have developed the core of our infrastructure for your basic and most advanced needs. Experience the power of bare-metal dedicated servers as standalone and in openstack environment.

  • IT Engineers with Best Skill

    Your SeiMaxim subscription comes with award-winning support; the industry's largest ecosystem of partners, customers, and experts; hardware certification; and a connection to open source communities where we source the best features and make them safe for our SMBs & enterprise customers.

Professionals with relevant skills to match

Linux & Windows dedicated Hosting
Website Development
Xen, VMware & Hyper-V virtualization
Monitoring and Security

We Build The Future

Empowering and connecting. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we enjoy doing. That’s how we help people and businesses succeed.

We are fueled by a team of talented and enthusiastic people from over 35 countries who have passion for what they do and are excited to be part of its success.

We believe that by connecting people with the right technology, the best team, global opportunities, and one another, you empower them to reach a greater world.

Towards New Horizons

For us, success is measured in more than just profits. It’s about doing things the right way. This requires the right team and the right approach.

We don’t work on assumptions, we work on experience, common sense, and best practices. That’s why we have assembled a diverse, passionate, and highly skilled team that understands the rapidly changing technological landscape so our customers don’t have to.

Our broad range of cloud hosting solutions resides on one of the fastest and largest global networks. This means that we don’t just connect our customers with the right technology, but also provide reliable access to the evolving digital economy and the digital world as a whole.

blog domain & hosting

Our founders envisioned how they could use their skills to build the internet as a service, making it accessible and available to everyone.

SeiMaxim Domains and Hosting

Today, that same vision remains part of our DNA.

Meet Our teamAll of our IT staff members are certified professionals, having deep knowledge about hosting, Virtualization, openstack and domain registration requirements.

Our team comprises of both hardware and software professionals, especially trained to handle even the toughest of technical errors quickly.



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